At Arc Woods we offer a varied selection of wood and wood products. such as wood lumber, wood veneer m wood profile, firewood, wood pellets, wood boards , wood panel and also finger joint etc

Your safety is our #1 Concern!
A level 2 inspection is recommended by the National Fire Protection Association, which involves using a video scanner to determine the condition of the chimney. The scanner is able to detect voids or cracks, or other hidden dangers that are often present, but left undetected. Arc Woods follows national and local safety guidelines for all of our services and installations, as we take safety seriously when it comes to adding or servicing heating appliances in your home. Our technicians have the training, equipment and expertise that home inspectors or often other chimney cleaning companies (or well-intentioned do-it-yourselfers) do not have. Insurance companies, realtors, and new home owners call upon AES for accurate chimney assessments from our level 2 inspection services. Occasionally we hear that requiring an inspection is excessive or picky, but we believe ensuring that a chimney is in good working order is always worth the investment to minimize risk and keep your home and family safer.