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Our wood Pellets, are compressed  pellets, are made of wood shavings,sawdust, compressed under high pressure without any additional chemical binding agents. They are 100 % CO2-neutral and are, therefore, the ideal, climate-friendly fuel. Wood pellets are standardized like other combustible too.

Testing and certification of wood Pellets

1. High energy content, and the technology is highly efficient compared to other fuels
2. A clean-burning renewable fuel source
3. Produced from such waste materials as forestry residues and sawdust
4. Price stable compared to fossil fuels
5. Ensure fresh environment in accordance with Europe Standard because of minimum CarbonDioxide
6. Ash after burn Wood pellets can be used as fertilizer not harmful to environment

we have available: Pine wood pellets, beech woods pellets, spruce wood pellets and fir wood pellets . we can supply the pellets separately or mixed in ratios as client demand

specifications of our  Pellets are :

Diameter : 6 mm
Length : Min. 10 mm – 30 mm
Bulk Density : Min 600 kg/m3
Unit Density : Max. 1.12 kg/dm3
Water content : Max. 8%
Abrasion : 2.3%
Ash, 815c : Max. 0.5 %
Caloric value : Min. 18 MJ/kg
Sulphur : Max. 0.03%
Nitrogen : Max. 0.3%
Chlorine : Max. 0.02%

Wood pellets Quality Maintenance

DIN Plus certificate confirms that processes are in respect to the DIN Plus certification agency DIN CERTCO GmbH requirements; the quality of pellets is being constantly monitored. During every production session – each 24 hours- the sample from the line is taken and examined at a small in-plant laboratory. The samples from each production session are being held in the archive for the reference if needed (for ~360 days). This allows for a 100% control of quality and also the traceability of production, even after being distributed.
laboratory samples
The DIN Plus  pellets have nominal requirements with the tolerance. DIN Plus certification means Arc woods is responsible that every bag would be within these limits and take the responsibility if it is not. The actual results from the testing (on the day of our certification) can be seen in the table on the bag.


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